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June, 2017

Dear Prayer Partner
It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly half way through the year. During these past months the Choir has been busy singing about our Lord and Saviour to make Him known, and to encourage Christians to live closer to Him.
With this in mind we want to update you on our activities and prayer needs. We really do appreciate your interest, and willingness to keep us in your prayers. The older I get the more I realize the importance of prayer, and to recognize the Lord’s many blessings in my life.
It’s very easy to overlook the things that the Lord does for us each day. As each day progresses I try to see the blessings God has given me, and to thank Him for them as they happen. It’s all too easy to think of God’s blessings and provision as only the major blessings of life, forgetting to see the small ones. You’ll see many more of the little blessings if you keep your eye open to them.
It’s when we see the small blessings, and thank God for them as they happen, that we promote a closer personal relationship with Him. This then encourages us to engage in conversational prayer and praise. We tend to forget that our Father is interested in the nitty gritty of our life as much as in the big events. In my chaplaincy days I often asked the Lord for a parking spot at busy hospitals. Invariably He was faithful in meeting my need. The old hymn “Count your blessings” encourages us to do this.
We are looking forward to our 65th Anniversary Festival of Male Voice Praise at the Kings School, Parramatta, on Saturday 30th September. We hope you’ll be able to join us for this time of praise. You will need a ticket (free) as seats are limited. Contact our Hon. Secretary David Gordon if you would like one.
As always may we encourage you to keep us regularly in prayer as we involve ourselves in “Proclaiming Jesus – No Other Name”? And why not join us at any of our presentations if you’re nearby? Make yourself known to us. We’d love to see you.
Prayer Points:
Our Festival of Male Voice Praise on 30th September involves much practice and preparation. Please pray for all those involved in the planning and preparations. Especially remember the Choir Committee, and David Gordon, our Secretary, Gordon Cooke and Ray Wardle, our Conductors. Please pray for each of them individually in their important responsibilities.
Pray also for men joining us from other Festival choirs as they learn new pieces of music for the Festival. Pray that we will all be well prepared.
We often sing in aged care facilities to residents, family members, and staff. Pray that our hearers will listen and respond to the words we sing in accordance with their needs.
Some of our men travel long distances on busy roads. Please pray for their safety and timely arrival at the venue.
Give thanks with us for the men who faithfully sing in the Choir. Ask the Lord to help each of us to be faithful in our commitment to making Christ known in song by regular attendance at practices and presentations.
It’s easy for us to be fixated with our music and forget to sing the words from our hearts. Pray we will sing with joy on our faces and praise in our hearts (and to watch our conductors!)
God has been good to us in the balance of singing parts. Thank Him for His faithfulness, but continue to ask Him to send us more men to replace those we lose from time to time due to moving away, age etc. It’s not easy to find new choir members.
Please keep our Choir Committee and office holders in your prayers. Their work demands commitment and a willingness to serve in the background but in vital roles.
Give thanks and pray for the ladies who faithfully provide supper at our practices. They do this as a service for the Lord, at no cost to us, and are much appreciated by the men of the choir. Choir practice wouldn’t be the same without them. Give thanks for them.
Remember our conductors in your prayers and give thanks for their efforts to get the best sound out of a mixed bag of voices. They need patience and perseverence to get the best from a very disparate group of men with varying singing abilities.
Pray for us as we relate to our listeners after a presentation. This gives us opportunities to talk about the Lord and to encourage others in their faith. This is vital in aged care facilities.
Accompanists are an important part of the Choir. Pray for their availability and that there will be a good balance between accompaniment and our voices.

We thank you for sharing with us in prayer.
We value your partnership in the Gospel.

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