Jesus The King CD

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About the CD The rainbow reminds us that God’s promises are true. He promised that Jesus Christ will return as “Jesus, the King”, saving all who love him. This recording, although not professionally produced and enhanced, reflects the reason why we sing – a regular “bunch of blokes” who want to make Jesus Christ known through song. This CD is dedicated to the memory of don Jamieson – it is due to his efforts that many of these songs are recorded for us to enjoy. Don will be greatly missed.

List of songs

  1. God of our Praise
  2. Because He Lives
  3. Heaven is a Wonderful Place
  4. Holy, Holy, Holy
  5. Piano Medley
  6. Jesus the king
  7. What a Day
  8. How Great Thou Art
  9. No Other Name
  10. Over in Glory
  11. The Lord is my Light
  12. He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life.
  13. We’ll All Be There
  14. A Blessing

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